Market Industrie – the company that owns the Jucca, Tessa and Suoli womenswear brands is the result of the successful partnership between entrepreneur Federico Zannini and designer Lorella Manicardi. Business acumen combined with personal taste and expertise in knitwear are reflected in products that meet the needs of an ever-changing market.

The ultra-modern glass and concrete plant, located in the heart of Modena’s industrial district - home to the administrative offices, warehouses and logistics centre - is the starting point for production that takes advantage of a 100% Made in Italy chain. From research on materials sourced and processed entirely in Italy by top level suppliers - in order to ensure product quality, optimising costs and resources - through to control over manufacturing processes and delivery speeds, everything is located in and acts in respect for the local area and its identity.

“... Dynamism and multiplicity in what we have to offer are also winning features in the retail development adopted by the company: “Market” is the name of the retail outlets that have a single door leading to all the collections from Market Industrie brands. Located in Milan, Rome, Bologna, Viareggio and Reggio Emilia, they form a network that has seen steady growth in terms of sell-out...”

Market Industrie invests in Italy, focusing on instinct and quality, creativity and business. The passion for design and art is palpable: at the headquarters, the structure contrasts harmoniously with collectibles and artworks, details of a lifestyle that the two founders transfer to Market Industrie in a veritable ethical and aesthetic manifesto.

Market industrie
Market industrie
Market industrie
Market industrie
Market industrie
Market industrie


Eclectic, conceptual, globetrotting. The concept of vintage and nomadic mix and match doesn’t scare her, but rather opens up new frontiers. Layered patterns, knitted fabrics, jersey and sequins define a fluid, laidback silhouette. Oversized shapes, deliberately relaxed. She has a strong passion for knitwear because it is comfortable, multifunctional and chic. She travels in silk pyjamas and men’s overcoats. Bold and independent.

Via G. Marotta, 71
41123 - Modena
lun - ven 9.00 - 18.00
+39 0595690900 info@jucca.it

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