Reggio Emilia

JUCCA Reggio Emilia

Via Emilia San Pietro 1/H
42121 - Reggio Emilia
Telefono: 376 2370483


Eclectic, conceptual, globetrotting. The concept of vintage and nomadic mix and match doesn’t scare her, but rather opens up new frontiers. Layered patterns, knitted fabrics, jersey and sequins define a fluid, laidback silhouette. Oversized shapes, deliberately relaxed. She has a strong passion for knitwear because it is comfortable, multifunctional and chic. She travels in silk pyjamas and men’s overcoats. Bold and independent.

Via G. Marotta, 71
41123 - Modena
lun - ven 9.00 - 18.00
+39 0595690900

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